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Regarding Shared Use Within Mizuho Financial Group

Mizuho-DL Financial Technology Co., Ltd.
(Business Operator Handling Personal Information)

Thank you very much for doing business with Mizuho Financial Group.
As you know, the Mizuho Financial Group includes banks, securities companies, trust banks and various companies related to financial services. Companies within the Mizuho Financial Group make full use of respective expertise to strengthen relations, to provide added value to financial products and services and strive to be of service to our customers.
For this reason, we wish to make shared use, only when necessary, of the following range of customer’s personal data within the group. In implementing this shared use, we will make a point to execute even stricter management of information than in the past, and ask for your understanding in this matter.
Furthermore, in the future, we may review the way in which shared use is handled if necessary. On such occasion, we will notify you or make an announcement in advance, so we ask for your understanding in such cases as well.

– Articles –

1. Items of personal data subject to shared use

  1. (1) Customer information including: name, address, birth date, contact information such as telephone number and/or email address, information on family members, information on place of employment, on customer assets/liabilities, information on transaction needs, and published information.
  2. (2) Information on individual transactions with the customer, including types of products and services used by the customer, contract date, transaction amount, amount outstanding, and due date.
  3. (3) Information necessary to managing customer transactions, including numbers of the store/shop/branch that the customer has accounts with, account numbers, control numbers such as transaction numbers, information on transaction details and information relevant to judgments on loans.

2. Parties authorized for shared use

Mizuho Financial Group, Inc. and consolidated subsidiaries and equity-method affiliates listed in the financial statements of the Mizuho Financial Group. (If shared use is restricted under relevant laws and regulations, such as the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, handling is to be conducted in accordance with such laws and regulations.)

3. Intended uses

  1. (1) For use in proposals, advice, research, and development in connection with various types of products and services, etc.
    – For example, products or services meeting customer needs will be jointly developed by group companies and relevant proposals made.
  2. (2) For use in judgments concerning providing of various types of financial products and services, etc.
    – For example, group companies will propose investment products, offered by respective group companies, considered optimal based on the customer information.
  3. (3) For proper performance of group business management operations, including identification and management of various types of risks
    – By establishing a proper group business management system, we will be better able to provide customers with stable, continued services.

4. Other

  1. (1) Name of the company responsible for management of personal data:
    Mizuho Financial Group.
  2. (2)The latest on the names and other information about the corporations included in the scope of shared use in item 2 above is to be shown on the website of the Mizuho Financial Group, Inc. (https://www.mizuho-fg.com/).
  3. (3)A customer who wishes to suspend receiving direct mail, etc., related to shared use is requested to contact the relevant department of the company with which the customer has transactions (head office and branches).


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