Mizuho–DL Financial Technology Co., Ltd.Mizuho–DL Financial Technology Co., Ltd.


To Non–Life Insurance Companies

We conduct research and development on enterprise risk management, development of insurance products and asset management of Non–Life Insurance companies. We also offer support and consulting services related to those areas, making use of financial engineering technologies and actuarial science.

Enterprise Risk Management(ERM)

We create a model of ERM and conduct some research on its method in order to quantitatively judge a risk profile of insurance underwriting and asset management, and to make Non–Life Insurance companies financially sound and more profitable in the future.
We also analyze for sophisticated business management and strategies in order to maximize the risk adjusted return and to conduct an optimum capital strategy.

Development and Management of Insurance Products

We conduct a research and development for Non–Life Insurance products, undertaking of insurance risks, alternative risk transfer (ART) approaches and finance associated with risks that have been previously difficult to assume and new risks, taking advantage of financial engineering with actuarial technology.
Also, we engage in sophistication of insurance risk management approaches through pricing of insurance products and providing risk management tools for Non–Life Insurance products.

Asset Management

We support the efficient asset management taking into account the peculiar business to Non–Life Insurance companies. We develop investment methods and models by using financial engineering technology and also conduct a research and development on more advanced areas, including multi–period optimization of the risk and return of portfolios.
Also we provide investment advisory service to institutional investors.

Measures against Changes in Guidelines of Insurance Accounting and Supervision

We investigate and conduct a research on the methods of evaluating insurance liabilities, design of premium rates applied to insurance products and relevant discussion taking place overseas, taking into consideration market values of future insurance liabilities (economic value basis) and solvency rules, which will significantly affect the standards of insurance accounting and supervision on an international basis.

Risk Consulting for General Corporations

Through our affiliation with Sompo Risk Management Inc., we offer a consulting service on integrated risk management and business continuity management ("BCM"), using our acutuarial science and financial engineering technologies.

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