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To Life Insurance Companies

Life Insurance and Pensions

By integrating financial engineering with actuarial science on a high level, we provide sophisticated risk management solutions and support product development regarding life insurance and pensions not only for Dai–ichi Life Group but also for other life insurance companies.

Asset Management and Asset Allocation

Life insurance companies make investments in a wide range of products, i.e.not only such products as stocks, bonds and real estates in domestic and international markets as traditional investment objects, but also alternative products.
New investment products have been developed one after another in the financial markets. To support investment in those products, we offer consulting services and also develop quantitative tools.
In addition, we provide investment advisory service to institutional investors.

Advanced ALM and ERM

Since liabilities of life insurance companies and of pension funds carry complex and long-term nature, Asset Liability Management (ALM) is quite imperative. We conduct a research and develop sophisticated ALM simulators to construct optimal portfolio structure and to analyze risks inherent in those liabilities. Also, we conduct a research and develop economic scenario generators to calculate Embedded Value (EV).
Life insurance companies and pension funds need to manage a wide range of risks, such as market risk, credit risk, operational risk, and underwriting risk. In addition, IAIS (International Association of Insurance Supervisors) studies risk management framework on an international scale. We conduct research on the enterprise risk management (ERM) framework that is capable of encompass those risks.

Consulting for Life Insurance Product Development

Life insurance companies have actively developed new saving products, such as variable annuities and fixed annuities, making use of actuarial science and modern financial theory. We support their new product development by offering consultation on risk management methodologies or on hedging strategy.

Data Analytics

Various types of data such as financial markets, medical care, healthcare and marketing are accumulated in life insurance companies. With the benefit of the development of data analysis technology represented by machine learning, these data are the expected to be utilized for innovation at various area in the value chain of life insurance companies such as underwriting, marketing, product development, and asset management. Through consulting using data analytics, we are promoting creation of these innovations.

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