Mizuho–DL Financial Technology Co., Ltd.Mizuho–DL Financial Technology Co., Ltd.


To Institutional Investors

We provide institutional investors with investment management advisory services and consulting. In addition to diversification, we use various techniques to better address the challenges investors are facing, including the use of downside risk control, dynamic rebalancing, risk factor based portfolio management, inclusion of low liquidity assets, considering accounting constraints.
These services are provided not only to Mizuho / Daiichi group companies but also to pension funds, financial institutions, endowments, foundations, Sovereign Wealth Funds, and manufacturing companies.

To Pension Funds (Public / Private)

We offer various support in the PDCA cycle of investment management to pension funds, including construction / review / implementation of policy asset mix, and performance monitoring & review. We also provide forward looking based risk analysis and support for introducing dynamic rebalancing strategies.
For corporate pension funds we are developing sustainable investment strategies, minimizing the potential negative impact on the sponsoring company’s balance sheet.

To Financial Institutions

To meet the investment needs of Japanese financial institutions, we provide investment advisory services to construct policy asset mix and to manage contingency risks during higher volatility periods, using stylized financial engineering techniques.
For life insurance companies, we provide dynamic hedging techniques to hedge against risk of minimum guarantee for variable insurance and annuities.

To Endowments and Foundations

We provide bespoke consultation services on portfolio construction to endowments and foundations, taking into account constraints on investment universe, income gain requirements and impairment constraints. We are supporting management of portfolios that include structured bonds or illiquid assets such as private equities, infrastructure, and real estates. (please see "Valuation of Structured Fixed Income Portfolios")

To Business Corporations

We provide quantitative advisory services on currency dynamic hedging to our business corporation clients facing currency risks, using sophisticated currency management techniques. Our dynamic hedging model is aimed to limit the maximum loss to a pre–specified floor (or cap) level, while pursuing capital gains from the upward movement of currency.

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