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Integrated Risk Management

We provide integrated risk management services, including ALM, credit portfolio management, and enterprise risk management from viewpoints of market risk, credit risk and business risk, respectively. Furthermore, we offer consulting services as to grasping integrated risks and managing those risks for each business sector by means of capital allocation.

ALM (Asset Liability Management)

We offer consulting services regarding market risk management and ALM to corporations and financial institutions who engage in raising and managing funds. For details, see the section "Market Risk Management & ALM."
For details of ALM of life insurance companies, see the section "To Life Insurance Companies."

Credit Portfolio Management

Credit portfolio management (CPM) is an approach to enhance the soundness and profitability of a credit portfolio by way of evaluating risk and return of a credit portfolio as well as reducing credit concentration risk. We offer a consulting services to companies who want to increase their return by making use of the credit market on the basis of appropriate management of risk/return relationship. This consulting service includes evaluation of the profitability of individual credit, taking into account the capital cost, determination of lending rate and setting lines of, and the allocation of capital.

Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise risk management (ERM) is a framework to control comprehensively risks that a company is exposed to. ERM implements this control throughout an organization to help it achieve its targets. Accordingly, ERM involves various types of risks. We will focus on, among others, business risk and financial risk, and will support our customer's ERM by integrating those risks.

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Our activities

We have extensive experience and many achievements in connection with enterprise risk management.

  • Support for constructing company–wide risk management systems
  • Advice on capital policies
  • Analysis of administrative measures
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