Mizuho–DL Financial Technology Co., Ltd.Mizuho–DL Financial Technology Co., Ltd.



We offer quantitative advisory service on currency overlay management and dynamic hedging of currency risks. For the currency overlay and dynamic hedging, we use our proprietary state–of–the–art system to control the downside risks while minimizing transaction costs, considering not only the volatility of the currency but also its skewness and tail risk.

Currency Dynamic Hedging to Control Downside Risk

Patented currency dynamic hedging system (‘Leave Order Managing System’)

Our leave order managing system for currency dynamic hedging is a system jointly patented by Mizuho–DL Financial Technology, Mizuho Bank and Mizuho Information & Research Institute.
This unique system facilitates efficient currency trading while controlling downside risk, 24 hours a day. (JP patent number 4362490.)

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