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Message from CEO

Today we are facing unprecedented challenges in the areas of the global economy, society and the environment due to the rapid development of new technologies, the spread of the pandemic and climate change. With the strong trend towards digitalization and growing concerns on sustainability, we clearly recognize those challenges in all areas of society.

At the same time, it seems that it is widely foreseen that the utilization of data and the development of AI, machine learning and quantum computers, will bring huge changes into the society, corporate activities and even into personal lives. Under these circumstances, it is becoming much more important to respond appropriately to those challenges by utilizing new technologies.

Our company, Mizuho–DL Financial Technology (MDFT), consists of specialists who have a mathematical sciences background. Starting as a financial engineering company, and by keeping up with technological development, we have been absorbing up–to–date knowledge and developing new approaches such as big data analytics, machine learning, AI, etc.
Now we are expanding our business field from modeling financial products and developing risk management methodologies to forecasting key business factors, providing business solutions, and developing asset management technologies. Our business field has expanded furthermore to the development of models that utilize data analysis.
Recently, we have also been working on themes that are expected to have a significant impact on the financial market in the future, such as quantum computing and block-chain technologies.

In this way, MDFT's business field has expanded significantly, but our goal is to "contribute to the development of society, economy, and individuals through mathematical sciences."
As we face the historical changes mentioned at the beginning, we would like to utilize not only our mathematical sciences and financial engineering skills but also the experience of finding solutions on various issues in order to build a better society together with our customers. We believe that those two pillars are the most important to solving the issues related to the digitalization and sustainability challenges we face.

In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to practically acquire the latest analytical techniques as well as the existing ones, and to select the most suitable method for the purpose. In addition, it is necessary to have a wide range of knowledge and awareness that can broadly sense important issues of our society and customers, and determination to keep growing.
MDFT has highly-skilled and intellectual human resources who can walk a long way to that goal, and it is also a company where about 70% of engineers are in their 20s and 30s. Young power with fresh and new ideas continues to grow day by day towards the ideal future.

We, MDFT, are strongly connected to Japanese financial institutions, as our parent companies, which are leading the banking and insurance industries in Japan and have a presence in global markets, also have securities and asset management vehicles within their financial groups. These strong connections with big financial groups in Japan enabled us to play a significant role in supporting financial businesses over various fields, as well as the practical cases of non-financial customers.
As financial and non-financial business areas are closely combined further, our MDFT will continue to contribute to solving issues our customers are facing and support the development of businesses by utilizing our technologies and experience.

President & CEO
Takahiko Yasuhara

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