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Recent Projects and Achievements

The followings are examples of past projects and achievements, excluding those related to our shareholders (Mizuho Bank, Ltd., The Dai–ichi Life Insurance Company, Ltd., and Sompo Japan Insurance Inc.), and their affiliates. Please see the following links for information about "Research and Studies" including patents information and "Academic and other external activities."

Earnings and Risk Management

To Financial Institutions

  • CreditGauge® that measures credit portfolios risk is used by 63 member banks of the Regional Banks Association of Japan as well as selected regional banks, financial institutions, and nonfinancial companies.
  • The latest version of CreditGauge® was released with a new function: macroeconomic stress testing function.
  • Consultation about mortgage profitability management and introduction of the monitoring tool, PersonalLoanGauge , building default / prepayment models and scoring models for mortgage
  • Building interest–rate crash alert model
  • Building core deposit models
  • Building credit scoring models for financial institutions and/or business corporations
  • Consultation about setting credit limits
  • Consultation about interest rate guidelines
  • Consultation about ALM risk analysis
  • Consultation about interest rate risk estimates
  • Developing XVA (Valuation Adjustments) models and systems, and their relating consultation

To Business Corporations

  • Consultation about risk measurement and required capital estimation for each business division
  • FX risk management consulting(risk measurement, optimal hedge scheme analysis)
  • Research on hedging strategies against raw material price risk
  • Energy price estimation modeling
  • Consultation about subsidiary pension risk management
  • Evaluation of preferred stocks/convertible bonds, etc. issued through third–party allotments
  • Evaluation of preferred stocks/convertible bonds, etc. for financial accounting
  • Evaluation of stock options including performance–linked stock options

To Public Corporations & Independent Agencies

  • Consultation about building mortgage prepayment/scoring models for Japan Housing Finance Agency
  • Customized research for the outlook survey about North American natural gas trading prices and Asian/Oceanian LNG prices for Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation
  • Consultation about building credit scoring models for CRD Association, a general incorporated association

Investment Management

To Financial Institutions

  • Advisory services providing customized investment strategies and risk control methodologies suitable for low yield environments
  • Advisory services on interest–rate crash alert model

To Endowment Funds, Foundations, Insurance Companies and Pension Funds

  • Investment Advisory services considering downside risk control, interest rate asymmetry, accounting and regulatory requirements, and adaptive asset allocation
  • Customized research for Government Pension Investment Fund, Japan (GPIF), on effective use of Smart Betas (Non market–cap–weighted benchmarks).(from GPIF official HP)
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